50th Anniv.

Mural Mosaic

The Mural Mosaic is a project to mark the 50th anniversary of the Port Moody Art Association (1967 – 2017). This work, by 35 PMAA artists, uses a master image of a Port Moody heron. After dividing the photo image on a grid, each artist took a square and, using the lines and colours, created an individual work. They used Port Moody as a theme, honouring our connection with the area. In these panels, you will see history, local landmarks, and flora and fauna, among other subjects. From a distance, the work appears to be a heron roosting in a tree; up close, you discover hidden images showing the unique styles and original ideas of each painter.
Lindsay Watson headed up the project with help from Marian Hazelwood and Christine Yurchuk

Once completed, the Heron Mural was on display in June 2017 at the City of Port Moody’s Galleria and also at the 2017 November Annual Fall Show. It has since found a home at Eagle Ridge Hospital and is hanging near the gift shop. The Heron Mural was donated by the members of the Port Moody Art Association.

We would like to thank Geoff Scott of the TriCities CommunityTV for providing us with a youtube presentation of our 50th Anniversary Show and Sale.  Please have a look at it!


Hover over or tap each square for details and zooming. Click to open in a separate window.


Ginger Lovell:
First Peoples

Rae Yano:
Owl Family

Anna Wagner:
Old City Hall

Carolina Licon:
Blue Jay

Nabat Pirani:
Bear And Rock

Teresa Acosta:
Son, Are You Still Hungry?

Edith Heckel:

Randy Green:
Got My Eye On You

Arcadia Robinson:
Just Resting

Evelia Espinosa:
Black Bears

Adrienne Peacock:
Burrard Thermal Plant By Canoe

Barb Krell:
Pajo's Fish and Chips

Marion Eals:
Fish Swimming Upstream

Martin Sollanych:
Bird's Wing View

Gay Torlay:
End Of The Inlet/Heron's Nest

Roberta Beck:
New Port Moody City Hall

Laura Genovese:
The Can Can

Lindsay Watson:
Inlet Walk

Ji Soo Lee:
Newport Village

Diane Norrie:
Magic in the Garden

Myda Schmidt:
Port Moody Seen/Scene

Hazel Graveness:
Port Moody Chickadees

Simone Sullivan:
Horse Trails, Port Moody

Sher Nasser:
Sea World

Doris Patko:

Ann Marie Oktaba:
Endangered Red Legged Frog

Mary Jacob:
A Squirrel Lookout

Lanni Sulje:
Blue Crow

Sahar McCullough:
Noons Creek

Christine Yurchuk:
Spawning Salmon

Alison White:
Port Moody Heritage

Laurie Thompson:

Philip Lui:
Owl, Mantis And Caterpillar

Marian Hazelwood:
North Shore Of The Inlet

Pat Hill:
Above And Below

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